Sisterhood of Bosnian and Turkish Words


Makbul-i Arif, a book written by Bosnian scholar Muhammed Hevai Uskufi in 1631, was republished and presented to the officials from the Tuzla Municipality of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a ceremony held at the municipality.

Makbul-i Arif (Potur Şahidi), the first Turkish-Bosnian dictionary, written by Muhammed Hevai Uskufi, a Bosnian scholar from Tuzla, who lived and studied in Istanbul in the 17th century, was published by Tuzla Municipality of Istanbul in Istanbul as part of the "Sisterhood of Two Tuzlas Project," implemented to boost historic brotherhood between the two countries.

During the program, a goodwill protocol was signed, and the officials from Turkey's Tuzla municipality paid a visit to Meydan Primary School, where Turkish was taught as an elective course under the "My Choice Is Turkish Project," implemented by Yunus Emre Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnian students who are learning Turkish recited Turkish poems and sang Turkish songs and staged folk dances during their visit, and the documentary about a student who died during the Bosnian war, "Çocuk Maiyeti," was screened. At the end of the program, bags and stationery materials were given to students as gifts.