Residents of Shkodër Gather for Breakfast


The breakfast culture that has a rich and deep-rooted history in Turkish cuisine has been introduced to the residents of Shkodër.

During the event hosted by Yunus Emre Institute's Shkodër branch, representatives of many institutions and organizations, press members, students and residents of Shkodër met in the garden of the Institute on Monday, September 15, 2019.

A Turkish breakfast table which serves not only as a meal, but also as an occasion when all members of the family come together around the same table and feel the joy of sharing has been prepared in the Turkish style and offered to the guests from Shkodër.

The table featured murtuğa from Van, pişi from İzmir, akıtma from Elazığ, kuymak from the Black Sea region and chickpea salad from the Central Anatolian region, simit and pastry with various fillings as well as many diverse dishes that are representative of the Turkish breakfast culture, all accompanied by the Turkish tea.

"Kahvaltı," the Turkish word for breakfast, literally means the first meal eaten before drinking the first coffee in the morning, and the guests were offered Turkish coffee after the breakfast.

Hajrullah Jakupi, one of the guests, expressed his feelings, saying: "Turks and Albanians are brothers. As our brothers, you have made us have good time today." Concerning the event, Shkodër Family House Director Valbona Tula said, "As the residents of the Family House, we feel honored with your offering of a breakfast."