Premiere Enthusiasm in Belgrade

The opening premiere of Turkish Film Week in Belgrade has been held in Dom Omladine Beograda with the attendance of writer and scriptwriter Tarık Tufan, who directed the film "Anons" (Announcement).

Organized in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, by Yunus Emre Institute with support from Directorate General of Cinema and Dom Omladine Beograda (Belgrade Youth Center) under the auspices of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade, the Turkish Film Week has brought the Turkish films that are already popular in Serbia to moviegoers.

Tarık Tufan attended the premiere as the guest of honor. Stressing that the Turkish Film Week not only promotes the Turkish cinema, but also facilitates the way it is introduced to moviegoers around the world, Tufan indicated that cinema played a major role in bringing diverse cultures and arts closer.

Turkish films and soaps have recently been enjoying heightened interest in Serbia, and during the film week, 11 films, including documentaries, comedies, dramas, horror and action films will be screened between September 15 and 20.