"Our Diversity Is Our Asset"


The exhibition entitled "Art Talks Diversity" has been held in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

Within the framework of the "Intercultural Dialogue Night," an event in which cultural institutes in Vienna are open to visitors during the night and various activities are held, Yunus Emre Institute's Vienna Branch and the International Cultural Diversity Organization (ICDO) jointly organized the conference and exhibition entitled "Art Talks Diversity." The exhibition included works of art of 15 artists from 15 countries including ;Russia, Dominic Republic, the Philippines, Colombia, Palestine and Austria to describe diversity from the perspective of artists.

The exhibition showcased works of plastic art with different styles and forms ranging from classical miniature and modern art and its main theme was "Our Diversity is our Asset." It was noted that while how art is perceived may change depending on time and place, the very idea of art is as old as mankind.

The exhibition aroused interest by many art lovers including Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Vienna Ümit Yardım, Ambassador of the Philippines to Vienna Maria Cleofe Rayos Natividad and Ambassador of the Dominic Republic to Vienna Lourdes Victoria Kruse.

The exhibition was organized at the Institute as part of the event undertaken to contribute to the interaction of diverse cultures in Vienna and improve cultural interaction with Austrians, and the guests who attended the event had a chance to learn more about Turkish culture.